Jun 6, 2013

The Life and Times..."Summer Jam 2013"

Hi everyone! I literally landed back in the New York on Saturday evening from my vacation to the Dominican Repubic and on Sunday, found my way to the 20th anniversary Summer Jam concert...all courtesy of my girl MunaMoon! The concert had performers such as Miguel, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown A$AP Rocky, Wale, French Montana, J. Cole and the one and only Wu Tang Clan. Special guests who found their way onto the stage included Mariah Carey, Lil' Kim, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Lil'Wayne. It was a hip hop heads dream, lol! I screamed like a 12 year old when I heard Lil' Wayne come out :)

One of my favorite parts besides the actual concert, is the practice of tailgating. I sounds crazy...but eating, drinking and spending time with amazing people trumps all for me...for sure!! Here are a few pics of the day:

photo: TFAdebo Photography     
MunaMoon and Franny
My peeps!!
Photo: TFAdebo Photography
Franny and Nicole!
Shine bright... 

Shoe game pic 
Summer Jam Sun!!
My outfit for the concert
Top: Zara, Shorts: H&M, Sneakers: Sketchers, Sunglasses: H&M
Jenn and Franny
Anthony and Latifa at the grill. BBQ time! Yum!
photo: TF Adebo Photography
Concert Time!!
 All and was a wonderful end of an 8 day vacation!! I just finished uploading my pics from the Dominican over the next couple of days, I will be posting some pics of the beautiful scenery, my friends and my vacation outfits :)

P.S.: My girl MunaMoon just started her own blog!!! Giving her take on trends and style, it's a great find. Check it out at

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