Oct 13, 2013

Some Hairspiration..."Head Wrapping it Up"

On a bad hair day, head wraps are a girls best friend. It can take a blah hair moment and turn it into an "AHHH-mazing" one. In the beginning of growing out my hair, I often did not know what to do and I knew I couldn't walk out of my house with a big ol' mess, so I often opted for head wraps. Now, don't get me wrong, although they are super helpful for when your hair wants to do everything but what you want, it's also just a beautiful hair statement within itself. So much life is found with wearing colorful designs and patterns on head wraps. They also can make a great statement accessory piece for an entire outfit or completely inspire an outfit as well. If you're thinking about rocking a head wrap, here a few pics to get inspired by:

When in doubt just wear every time 

The head wrap clearly takes center stage in this outfit

Patterns galore!

Love the simple style of the red head wrap

The camouflage head wrap flows beautifully with the black and green

Choices, choices...wrap just  a little bit of hair or wrap up the entire head....hmmmm

all photos via:

Love how adding just the headwrap can change the entire feel of this look

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